Connect us 01772-223060 for Hotel Management Software in Bangladesh

Connect us 01772-223060 for Hotel Management Software in Bangladesh

Front Office:

Create reservation
View/Print reservation
Cancel reservation

Check In:
Create check in
View/print check in

Daily bill entry:
Bill entry

Check Out:
Bill pay and checkout
Create checkout

Change room:
Create change room

City ledger:
City ledger approve

House keeping:

Room status update


Order list update


Master Setup:
Create category
Create sub category
Create unit
Create products
Outlet inventor
Stock in
Product price setup

Food Order:
Payment collection
View order list from outlet reception
Display sales status
User wise sales status
Product sale with price
Product sale without price

Purchase order
Create new po
View/Print po
Edit po
Receive material (against po)
Create receive material
View/Print receive material report
Purchase statement (po wise)
Purchase statement (item wise)

Create new supplier
View/Edit supplier
Inventory stock in
View/Print inventory stock in
Inventory stock out
View/print inventory stock out
Current stock report
Stock in statement
Stock out statement
Stock in
All product stock


Chart of accounts:

  • View chart of account
  • Create cash account
  • Create bank account

Debit Voucher:

  • Create new debit voucher
  • View/print debit voucher

Credit Voucher:

  • Create new credit voucher
  • View/print credit voucher

Journal Voucher:

  • New journal voucher
  • View/print journal voucher

Accounting Report:

  • Cash book
  • Bank book
  • Ledger book
  • P/L accounts
  • Balance sheet

Paid Bill Entry:

Purchase order


  • Create agent details
  • Print/view agent list
  • Create floor details
  • Print/View floor list
  • Create membership details
  • Print/view membership list
  • Create member type details
  • Print/view membership list
  • Create room details
  • Print/view room type list
  • Service details
  • Service list

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