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The full abbreviation of POS is Point of Sale.Now-a-days most of the popular retail shop cashier using POS software.A right POS software gives your business new achievement and success. Digitization is spreading in Bangladesh over the last year.Most of the retail shop using Point of Sale System.There are multiple company in Bangladesh who are providing POS software.But we are the best POS software company in Bangladesh.I will talk with you about CMSNBD provided software

pos software company in Bangladesh

Why did you need Point of Sale System(POS) for your business?

A good and affordable POS software can bring more value and achievement in your business.A quality POS software company in Bangladesh can provide you suitable point of sale system for your business.Let’s see what’s included in our point of sale system.

Basics Features of POS Software :

  • User friendly UX , highly secured with two factor authentication user
  • Easy to access
  • Multiple shop and shift creation option.
  • Item create,update and delete.
  • Product entry by barcode scanner.
  • Sales report of a particular day, item, shop and shift.
  • Instant access of items information.
  • Fully integrated with inventory.
  • Stock in, stock out, stock balance and stock valuation.
  • Quick search facilities
  • Pdf format report
  • Daily,Weekly,Monthly and Yearly report
  • Different report view based on viewing facility


Fast Checkout: When you will use our POS software then you will be checked out faster. You can easily do it by using bar code scanner.Also you don’t need to do any calculation,our POS software will did it efficiently.

Inventory Tracking: Inventory tracking is one of the most wanted and essential features in the post software.You can list your product in point of sale system using the barcode scanner.Also you will be able to add product price and variation and others details about your product. Inventory management can reduce the hustle keep data of your product.

Customer Data: Our point of sale system giving you store customer data.Customer data is one of the most important for every business.You can do your event or product discount promotion using the POS software.Most of the POS Software Company in Bangladesh ignoring this system.But CMSNBD Point of Sale System Offering you these features.

Use anywhere: A good software you have to capability use in different devices.Our POS software you will use any devices like tablet,PC,mobile and anywhere from using internet.

Reporting tools: Business report is one vital part for every business.If you want to analysis debit and credit of your business,you have to know your business statistic. Our point of sale system can give you efficient report about your business.We are the best POS software company in Bangladesh.

point of sale

CMSNBD offering you  different store point of sale (POS)software

  • Departmental Store  pos software in Bangladesh
  • Fashion house
  • Restaurant
  • Jewelry Store
  • Electronic Store
  • Saloon
  • Gym & Fitness Center
  • Parlor
  • Building Materials
  • Fruits Shop
  • Sharee and boutique
  • Cosmetics Shop
  • Pharmacy
  • Tailor Store
  • Computer Store
  • Flour mill factory
  • Shoe Shop
  • Trading Function

Why are are the best post software company in Bangladesh ?

CMSNBD is Australia based software company.We are running software business for 10 years in Bangladesh and Australia.We have amount of satisfied customer who are using our different type of software. CMSN is know as a reputed POS software company in Bangladesh.

We are offering-

  • 1 year post software maintenance
  • Quick support 24/7 (Over the physically and phone)
  • Affordable price than others POS software provider company in Bangladesh
  • Many more.


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