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Best HR Payroll Software in Bangladesh

If you are planning to start working in HR, then it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. The key thing is to find a system that will suit your needs and budget. CMSNBD offering the best HR payroll software in Bangladesh. It’s easy to use , cost effective and can save your time and money .

HR Payroll Software in Bangladesh

Importance of HR Payroll Software

HR Payroll software ensure efficiency on your business. It’s track employee attendance efficiently , on-time record , manage all leave management , holidays , count part-time hour and lot more. 

Why you need this software ?

  • Increased efficiency
  • Enhanced employee experience
  • Improved compliance
  • Remote connectivity
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Real time feedback
  • Count extra hours
  • Track employee activities and
  • many more .

Why CMSN HR Payroll Software in Bangladesh is the best ?

Efficiency and productivity :

The HR software can help to make sure that every employee knows what they have to do and when they have to do it. It also helps in keeping track of all information about the employees along with other relevant records such as salary details, leave details, etc. 

Cost savings :
When you are using HR Software then you are doing everything without wasting lot more time. It can help you to finish most of the task with limited resources . So, you are saving time and money .

Reduced errors :
When you are doing everything manually , there are chance to mistake . After using the CMSN HR Payroll Software your errors are gone . Enter your data in the software and it will sort out in it’s way . There are no chance of mistake ( if you input data correctly ).

Employee experience :
Now your employees are getting experience to get everything efficiently . They will see their attendance , leave details , salary history and more. Our software can help them submit their query to business owner easily. They will enjoy how everything going well , without any interrupt.

Attendance monitoring :
Using a HR Payroll software can monitor when you employees are come in and come out .Sometimes timecard fruad can be happen but this software will help you to monitor your employees efficiently by tracking his/her location !

Data security :
All days are gone , where you were written everything in paper and store them for month or years . Now your each day date will be store in cloud . Now your data is 100% secured with some backup servers.

Metrics :
All metrics are available for you , you need to click on which department data you want to see . We made everything easy for you , to get understand easily. You may see all of the data sequentially or how you love to sort them.

Improved decision-making :
When all data are available in one place and you are getting all information of your business then decision making is so easy. Business expense , revenue and employee activities are there to view . This software will help you to take a quick decision.

HR Payroll Software Price in Bangladesh

Startup / Month

  • Full Access of the Software
  • 1st 50 employee ৳15/month
  • After 50 employee ৳10/month
  • Free Training
  • FREE SUPPORT ( Remote ) *

Industry / Month

  • Full Access of the Software
  • 1st 500 employee ৳15/month
  • After 500 employee ৳5/month
  • Free Training
  • Free Onsite Support *

Features need to consider get a HR Payroll Software in Bangladesh

Record Daily Attendance : 

A HR Payroll software in Bangladesh should have record attendance feature. There might be two ways to take the attendance onsite and remotely. When employee enter the office they need to punch / finger print to count the attendence. If some employees do remote job then need to login and logout them in office hour.

Mobile Apps and Web Application Feature : 

A HR Payroll software must have feature is mobile application. Then employee can be  check their activity and request their queries easily . CMSNBD HR Payroll software offering this services to all of our clients. Please check our demo.

Leave Management : 

Now managing leave of your company is so much easy . You can manage your employees leave in one place and approve or declined it instant. Also , employee will get real time notification . Not only that , you are able to see how many employee are in leave and how much time they taken leave in a month / year . 

Salary Management : 

Manage all employees salary in one place. Also , employees are able to see their salary history .

Holidays Management : 

This HR Payroll software in Bangladesh can allow you entry yearly holidays beginning of the year . Also you can insert any days and manage your holiday . 

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